1899: Warsaw Illinois Choice Recipes

by Rena

Warsaw Illinois cookbook recipes.

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1899: Warsaw Choice Recipes, compiled for the Benefit of the Warsaw Free Public Reading Room, by The Woman’s Club, March 1899. Warsaw Milling Co., Warsaw, Illinois.


Sample Text:

He that eats and saves sets the table twice.”

Athenaeus affirms,
Worthy tribute to bring,
That a man among men,
Who can cook is a king.

Now if that is the case,
And ’tis plain to be seen,
A cook among women
Must walk as a queen.

How to Cook Beefsteak.

Pound well your meat until the fibres break;
Be sure that next in turn you broil the steak;
(Good coal in plenty; nor a moment leave).
Now turn it over, this way and then that,
The lean should be quite rare, not so the fat,
The platter now which will the juice receive;
Put on the butter, place on it your meat,
Salt, pepper, turn it o’er, then serve and eat.

Mrs. Robert McMahan.

Fish, Meats and Their Appropriate Sauces.

Roast Beef: Grated Horseradish; Tomato Catsup; or Worcestershire Sauce.
Boiled Mutton: Caper Sauce.
Roast Mutton: Stewed Gooseberry.
Roast Lamb: Mint Sauce.
Roast Pork: Apple Sauce.
Roast Turkey: Cranberry Sauce; or Celery Sauce.
Roast Chicken: Plum or Grape Catsup; or Currant Jelly.
Boiled Turkey: Oyster Sauce.
Roasted Venison or Duck: Black Currant Jelly.
Pigeon Pie: Mushroom Sauce.
Broiled Steak: Mushrooms or Fried Onions.
Roast Goose: Stewed Gooseberries; or Apple Sauce.
Broiled Mackerel: Stewed Gooseberries.
Fried Salmon: Egg Sauce; Cream Sauce; or Stewed Tomato.
Boiled or Baked Cod: Egg Sauce; or Tomato Sauce.
Boiled or Baked Fish: White Cream Sauce; Old Zealand Sauce; or Drawn Butter Sauce.

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