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c. 1917 Kerr Home Canning Book.
c. 1917: Kerr Home
Canning Book
Kerr Glass Mfg. Co.


Vintage Garden and Flower Seed Catalog.
c. 1919: Garden and
Flower Seeds
Alfred J Brown Seed Co.



1908: Shredded Wheat recipes.
1908: The Vital
Question Cook Book
Shredded Wheat


1900 meat grinders.
1906: The Enterprising
200 Tested Recipes



good things to eat.
1928: Good Things to
Eat made with D & C
Quality Food Products


Hires Household Extract:  Delicious, Refreshing.
circa 1915:
Hires Household Extract
Delicious, Refreshing


c. 1920 Reliable Recipes Calumet Baking Powder.
c. 1920:
Reliable Recipes
Calumet Baking Powder


1909: Duryeas' Corn Starch Cook Book E. C. Hewitt.
1909: Duryeas’ Corn
Starch Cook Book
E. C. Hewitt



Sperry Flour Co. Cook Book.
1912: Sperry Flour
Co. Cook Book
Flour-Cereal Cook Book


c. 1905, Cooks of All Nations.
c. 1905: Cooks
of All Nations


Karo Cook Book.
1909: Karo
Cook Book
Emma C. Hewitt


Dr Miles Cook Book.
Dr Miles
Cook Book


1909: What a Cook Ought to Know about Corn Starch.
1909: What a Cook
Ought to Know
about Corn Starch


Home Cookery Magazine.
Home Cookery


Dr Miles Cook Book.
c. 1924:
Dr Miles
Cook Book


1910: What a Cook Ought to Know about Corn Starch.
1910: What a Cook
Ought to Know
about Corn Starch


Karo recipes Cook Book.
Karo Cook Book
Emma C. Hewitt


Kitchen Bouquet sauce.
1916: Savory Dishes
Kitchen Bouquet
A Flavoring Extract


1927: 40 Tested Recipes Best Foods Shortning.
1927: Best Foods
40 Tested Recipes


1927: Preserving, Canning& Pickling, A Handbook.
1927: Preserving, Canning
& Pickling
A Handbook


1920: Jell-o America's MostFamous Dessert.
1920: Jell-o
America’s Most
Famous Dessert


original Shredded Wheat Biscuit.
c. 1895: Trade Card
Wheat-Shred Baby Food
Shredded Wheat Biscuit


1887: How to Be Polite: In Church...How to Eat...
1887: How to Be Polite
In Church…At Home…
How to Eat…


1920s, A Few Cooking Suggestions Crisco.
1926: A Few
Cooking Suggestions



1924: 50 Waysto use Tomato Flavor.
1924: 50 Ways
to use
Tomato Flavor


1925: Yes! 100 ways to enjoy Bananas.
1925: Yes! 100
ways to
enjoy Bananas


Recipes for Cooking meats, fish, and so forth.
c. 1910: Recipes for
Cooking Meats, Fish,
and so forth


date-Royal Baker and Pastry CookRoyal Baking Powder.
1911: Royal Baker
and Pastry Cook
Royal Baking Powder


Pillsbury's Best.
c. 1910: Pillsbury’s
Best Flour for Cakes
and Pies…


1917, Fleischmann's Recipes.



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