1921: The Taylor Home Set

by Rena

Taylor Home Set.

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1921: The Taylor Home Set Book of Recipes for Jelly Making, Canning and Preserving, Home Made Candy, Baking and Roasting, Carefully tested for time, temperature and density.
Taylor Instrument Companies, Rochester, New York


…Pie is not readily digestible, because the starch is so coated with fat that little of it is digested until it reaches the lower intestines, which have practically all the work of starch digestion. Therefore it is not desirable to serve it too often, but it is a toothsome dessert for occasional use….

1. In dividing pastes for pies allow more for the upper than for the lower crusts.
2. Roll the paste about one-quarter inch in thickness and make it a little larger than the plate, to allow for shrinkage.
3. Perforate the upper crust, that steam my escape.
4. Insert a cornucopia of writing paper in one of the perforations if juice is apt to overrun the pie (juice will rise in the cornucopia.)
5. In putting two pieces of crust together always brush the under crust with cold water and then press the two together lightly.
6. Never grease a pie tin.
7. Use ice-cold water.

Home-Made Candy
…Candy making is a never-ending source of pleasure to every one participating in it, because it is both fun for the maker and a delight to the partaker. For an evenings entertainment or an afternoon’s enjoyment, what better than candy making. It is one of the few occupations that are as enthusiastically welcome by the children as by adults, for from youth to old age every one loves candy.

Popular thought on the subject of candy making is being revolutionized, as it becomes known that candy is just an essential a food for both children and adults as meat, bread or potatoes. Candy being a pure sweet, a perfect carbohydrate, supplies added energy and needed fuel to keep the body in the best physical condition.

Parents do their children a great injury by denying them pure, wholesome candy, for the growing child requires a large amount of sugar to supply the necessary energy for its almost ceaseless activity.

Home-made candies are much better than factory-made, because of the known source of ingredients, the careful blending of materials and the cleaner surroundings in the kitchen and pantry.

Candy making is a simple or as complex as one chooses to make it. While a large number of utensils can be used, all that is really necessary is a pan, a thermometer and the fire, and of these one is just as essential as the other….

To Color Sugar
To color sugar red, place in a basin one pound of granulated sugar, add a few drops of carmine and spirits of wine. Rub it through the fingers until the mass is of uniform color. Place it on a tin in a warm place to dry, then bottle and keep for use. The above process will color sugar yellow when saffron is used, green when green is used, and violet when violet coloring is used.

Original Booklet:

Original 1921 cookbook is available, The Taylor Home Set. $2.00. The cooking booklet is in poor condition, reading copy only, with ripped front cover, creased pages, stains, page tear. All pages present. 64-pages. Publisher: Taylor Instrument Companies; 6″ X 3″. Select “Add to Cart.”

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