Taffy Pulling

by Rena

We saw the photo at masterfile for taffy pulling in the 1940s. Question. Have these masterfiles been taken recently and staged to look like the ’40s ’50s, and 60s, or are they historic? They may be historic, but they’re such hams it made me wonder. I like the pictures.

Dr. Miles Candy Book.Well. Here are some taffy-pulling pictures that are from an earlier time–or verified from an earlier time. The picture, left, is from a cooking booklet sometime between 1911 and 1914.

c. 1919: Lydia PinkhamSweets
This Sweet heart picture, above, does not come with a date. It is from Lydia Pinkham’s advertising booklet. All the illustrations in her booklets are so cute. Lydia gave us these instructions:

  • In handling or pulling all boiled candies the hands should be well buttered to prevent the mixture sticking to them.
  • If the pot in which candy is boiled is buttered for an inch or two down, the liquid will not boil over.
  • Flavors are more delicate when not boiled in candy but added afterward.
  • Use fresh cold water for each trial of candy; preferably ice-water.

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