1913: Oysters and How to Cook Them

by Rena

Oysters how to cook.

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1913: Oysters And How To Cook Them, 10 Economical, Wholesome and Palatable Dishes
Quality Oysters; Distributed by The Manhattan Restaurant, Harrisburg, PA.


Oyster Catching Past and Present; The High Cost of Living Can Be Greatly Reduced By Eating Oysters More Frequently; Food Value of the Oyster; Eating Oysters is Real Economy; Oyster Propagation and Culture; The Highest Authority Endorses Oysters; Tasty Recipes; Prize Recipes; Dainty Menus.

Free eBook or Original Booklet:

Original 1913 cookbook is available, Oysters and How to Cook Them. $7.00. The cooking booklet is in poor condition, and is a reading copy only. Covers and pages are damaged, stained, spine and edges chipped, and mellowed interior. Some pages detached, but all pages present. 24-pages. Click “Add to Cart.”

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