40 Natural Foods Cook Books

by Rena


I read in an industry book that the cosmetic industry had a ten year plan in the 1960s to lessen expensive pigments contained in face make-up and replace much of the pigment with water. To sell the consumer on actually wanting more water in cosmetics instead of the more expensive “pancake” pigments took companies 10 years of promoting “the natural look”–yet it worked–it worked so well that many women in the 1970s decided they didn’t need make-up at all! It probably took another 10 years of marketing to increase cosmetic sales after the natural look became popular. Remember how strange it looked in the 1980s when magazines were bringing back ‘bright reds’ to faces?

My point? I’m wondering about the Natural-Foods-Movement beginnings. There may be some real health concerns, or some spiritual concerns, but did the soy industry have their own “10-year plan?” We now consume more soybeans, one of the largest US crops, in their different forms, than we did before the health-food wave. Many Americans eat tofu, soy-enriched processed foods, and soy-based faux meats. Meat consumption is down. Soy plants are mostly genetically modified and plant life can be patented.

The Natural-Foods Movement didn’t originate with the 1960s counter-culture. The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] began looking into problems of chemical preservatives in foods as early as 1862. In 1874 the adulteration of milk with water and chemicals was discussed by the FDA, along with experiments on the effects of arsenic and copper pesticides on plants and the possibility of harm to humans.

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