c. 1889: Never-Break Steel Cooking Pots

by Rena

Never-Break Steel Cooking Utensils.

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c. 1889: “Never-Break” Steel Cooking Utensils, Always Clean, Neat and Nice, A Complete Revolution, The Chef’s Delight. The Bronson Supply Co., New York and Cleveland.


“A Good Mother Tests Her Little One’s Food Herself and Finds Pleasure in Using the “Never-Break” Steel Cooking Utensils.”

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One c. 1889 original book is available, “Never-Break” Steel Cooking Utensils. $25.00. Condition: This brochure is in good condition with split fold on spine and staples with a rust stain, edges worn. 8-page brochure for pots and pans including covers. Click “Add to Cart.”

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