1916: Method of Easy Bread Making

by Rena

Walkers Method of Easy Bread Making.

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1916: Walkers Method of Easy Bread Making, and Practical Money-Saving Hints on Cooking, Illustrated Instructions for Making the Popular Parker House Rolls.
P. O. Walker, Denver, Colorado.
Stanard Tilton Milling Co., Stanard’s Royal Patent Flour, St Louis, Alton, Dallas.


Text Sample:

In placing this booklet in your hands we feel that we are positively benefiting you, your family and your community.

There is no question but what good home made bread is one of the most economical and beneficial fods that can be had….

Remember. Fold the dough. Do not knead or work hard. Two foldings of the dough (the first about one and a half hour after it is mixed, and the next about one hour later) before it is shaped into rolls or loaves will make good bread and rolls, but as you are told under the pictures ad elsewhere, one or two extra foldings at intervals of about one half hour will make lighter and whiter bread.

Regarding Hard and Soft Wheat Flours

When using extremely hard wheat flour give the dough a little more time to raise than told above. When using soft wheat flours do not let it raise quite so long as in instructions above.

Remember. do not let your dough get too light either in the bowl or in the pans before baking. Never let the dough get quite double in size any time before baking….

I have herein pictured a bread-making lesson for which I have received $1.00 each from ladies in classes, with perfect satisfaction always given to everyone….

…Yeast needs moisture, warmth, starch and air, for proper working. Many ladies work hard kneading, punching, pulling and beating their doughs, when all that is necessary is a few folds. They have really worked hard to interfere with their work….

(Milk,–or water in which potatoes have been boiled, or water containing some thoroughly boiled and mashed potatoes, are all good but not necessary.)

Some potato in bread keeps it “fresher.”

(The ginger is used to make theyeast work faster. Yeast is a form of life–some say it is animal–some say vegetable. But anyway it is a fact that ginger has the same effect on each yeast “germ” that it would haveon your throat if drank. It heats the yeast artificially and the yeast germs “get busy….”

how to make parker rollsParker House Rolls

(Thousands of ladies whom I have talked to, either did not know how to make a Parker House roll or else had tried to make the fold too soon. Not five women in a thousand of the thousands I have talked to had made them right. May I be pardoned if this sounds egotistical. I am very glad I have been able to make work easier for many, and if this booklet helps others, it will have accomplished its work.)…

Bran Bread

Whole Wheat, Graham, etc. can be made easily by my Method….

Colorings for Soups, Gravies, Pudding Sauces, Caramel Cake Icing, Etc.:

Burn in a frying pan one cup of granulated sugar until every grain is black and mass commences smoking. Then add one-half cup of water. Let this cook slowly. The mass of sugar will all dissolve. Let it cook until the black liquid is a trifle thicker than water.

If forgotten, and let get too thick, ut in more water andcook again. You can’t hurt it. When cool put in a jar or bottle. It is tasteless, odorless, and has no flavor. Jst a little added to gravies, soups, pudding sauces or white icing brings them down to any shade of brown you want. This is how you always get a brown gravy in a hotel or restaurant, or should, but sometimes the cook there does not know either.

…Self-Rising Flour…

Self-Rising Flour contains soda, phosphate and salt in proper proportions and is ready for immediate use by the addition of shortening, and water or milk as you prefer.

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Original 1916 brochure is available, Walkers Method of Easy Bread Making. $15.00. The cooking booklet is in fair condition, with corners bent, edges worn, paper creased, stains, mellowed paper. All pages present. 32-page booklet. Publisher: Stanard Tilton Milling Co. Select “Add to Cart.”

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