1907 Dainty Dishes…Ice Creams, Sherbets…

by Rena

Dainty Dishes, Ice Cream.

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1907: Dainty Dishes for all the Year Round, Recipes for Ice Creams, Water Ices, Sherbets and other Frozen Desserts
Mrs. S. T. Rorer, Principal of the Philadelphia Cooking School.



Ice Creams: Philadelphia Creams, Plain Creams, Neapolitan Creams, Delmonico Creams, French Creams, English Creams; Water Ices, Sherbets; Frozen Fruits; Frozen Beverages; Granites; Frozen Puddings and Desserts; Some New Recipes by Mrs. Rorer; Directions for Freezing for Freezers with Rotary Crank; Directions for Freezing for Freezers with to and fro movement of Crank, as American Twin Freezer, freezing two flavors in one Freezer at the same time; General Directions; Moulding.

Ginger Punch
Boil a pound of sugar with a quart of water; add the juice of three lemons and when cold add four tablespoonfuls of the syrup from the preserved ginger,and a half cup of the ginger chopped very fine. Freeze and serve with the meat course, at dinner. If preserved ginger is not to be had, add a tablespoonful of ground Jamaica ginger to the sugar and water before they are boiled, then add the chopped candied ginger.

Original Booklet:

One circa 1907 original booklet, Dainty Dishes for all the Year Round $35.00. The booklet is in good condition with heavily worn edges and scuffed. All pages present. 48-pages. Click “Add to Cart.”

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