1917: How to do Pickling

by Rena

1917: How to Do Pickling.

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1917: A Handbook: How to Do Pickling,a Book of Tested Recipes
Dr. D. Jayne & Son, Philadelphia


General Directions; Pickles; Catsups; Relishes; Sauces; Curing of Meats.

Sample Text:

Procure always the best apple or white wine vinegar. The success of good pickling depends on good vinegar. Always boil the vinegar, unless stated otherwise.

Utensils Needed
Use porcelain or enamel kettles. If copper or tin is used to boil the vinegar, do not let it remain in them a moment longer than is necessary to boil it. User silver or wooden knives and forks….Wide mouthed bottles and jars should be used.

Whole Cucumber Pickles
1 gallon good Cider Vinegar.
1 cup of Salt.
1 cup of Sugar.
1 ten cent glass of Heinz Prepare Mustard.
1 1/2 peck medium size Cucumbers.
Stir the vinegar, salt, sugar and mustard in a crock thoroughly with a lng handled wooden spoon, being careful not to let fingers touch the liquid. Wash thoroughly cucumbers and dry with a towel. Pack very closely in half gallon jars. Cover with liquid. Seal air-tight.

Cucumber Catsup.
For this choose large ripe cucumbers, pare, remove the seeds and grate. To every pint of this pulp allow:
1/2 pint Cider Vinegar.
1/4 teaspoonful of Cayenne.
1 teaspoon of Salt.
2 heaping tablesponfuls of grated Horseradish.
Drain the grated cucumber in a colander, mix with other ingredients, bottle and seal.

Cucumber Relish (Not Boiled)
12 large Cucumbers.
4 green Peppers.
4 large Onions.
1 cupful of Horseradish.
1 cup Sugar.
1/2 cupSalt.
1 tablespoonful of Mustard Seed.
1 tablespoonful of Celery Seed.
Remove skins and seeds from cucumber, then put all the vegerables through the food chopper, add the salt, mix well and let stand over night. In the morning drain and add horseradish (which has been put through the food chopper) to other ingredients. Mix all thoroughly with the white wine vinegar. Pack tightly in jars and seal at once.

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