Antique Hoosier Cabinets at Antique Stores & eBay listings

by Rena

Hoosier-style kitchen cabinets make an historic or farmhouse kitchen. Our first Hoosier-style cabinet was a darling white 1940s-1950s Sears cabinet, very clean, which we sold from Maine to a islander off the coast of California. They just made some shipping arrangement and a man with a truck showed up! It was too big for our newly-designed kitchen. The second Hoosier-style cabinet was a new Amish-made oak cabinet. We loved it, although I do prefer the soul of an antique, well-cleaned. Because the Amish-made cabinet was intergral to the Maine farmhouse kitchen design, we left it for the new owners. So now we have our third hoosier-style cabinet, and even though it is a modest one, it was conveniently being sold at an antique shop nearby for only $129. I love it–it makes the kitchen!

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