Chris Kimball took two years planning this one reenactment dinner proposed in an 1896 book by Fannie Farmer, legendary cook book writer and cooking instructor and principal of the Boston Cooking School. Farmer opened her own school, Miss Farmer’s School of Cookery in 1902. The reenactment dinner was held at Kimball’s home in the same area of Boston where Fannie Farmer had lived over 100 years earlier. His preparations started from the ground up, supplying his kitchen with a built-in wood-burning range built into the fireplace. Kimball lived to write about it in his book, Fannie’s Last Supper: Re-creating One Amazing Meal from Fannie Farmer’s 1896 Cookbook.

Tributes to Fannie Farmer
What Fannie Farmer Means to Me from In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens

Hoosier Daddy

by Rena

hoosier at antique store
Setting up an antique hoosier cabinet: Hoosiers and other hoosier-style kitchen cabinets can be transported easily as they separate into two sections. Here is a picture, right, of the kitchen cabinet for $129 as we found it in the antique shop. We took it home and cleaned the countertop with bleach and repainted the wood, still keeping it white. This vintage kitchen cabinet was missing the flour sifter. Replacement parts can be purchase online, and we found a sifter for $35, new.

You can search on eBay for within a radius of your home to save on shipping. Take this following eBay search result, below, and modify it in eBay’s advanced-search option to your defined radius, or just enjoy the pictures as is….


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Table Talk Pies originated in Worchester, Mass. in 1924. Visit the Table Talk website.

Building a Mud Oven, Video II

Even though the 1970s kitchens were open-concept, women were geared for professional careers outside the home and there was a closed-concept about making meals, except for quick convenience foods. Cooking was a traditional role and it was time to branch out. Branching out commonly meant rejecting the old roles in obvious ways–such as working outside the home and mostly eating in restaurants, or subtle, such as this expressive, almost surreal video of Martha Rosler.

She recites the kitchen items are in alphabetical order.

Victorian TV Series on youtube:
Victorian kitchens and kitchen gardens.

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Video: Lighting a Tudor fire without matches.

The Tudor Period was from about 1485 to 1600. Hampton Court was built for Wolsey circa 1514, before Henry VIII attained it in 1529. More information about tudor cookery, and more videos at