BBC program “The Supersizers Eat…” with Giles Coren and Sue Perkins recreate the foodways of different time periods:

  • Ancient Rome
  • Medievaldiets based on the 4 humours; religious fasting with fish; meats swimming in sauce; pepper!
  • Elizabethan
  • Restoration
  • French Revolution
  • Regency
  • Victoriandinner service à la française replaced by a la russe; adulterated foods.
  • Edwardianbig meals; weight gain; practical jokes; vegetarians and suffragettes; Fletcherism.
  • 1920sthe desire to be thin; smaller meals; more drinks.
  • 1940sWWII rationing; Victory gardening; foraging; Common-Hall Feeding Centers or British Restaurants.
  • 1950s
  • 1970s – more calories; more fats; alcohol; more walking, dancing and socializing to work it off; don’t talk about the food; packaged foods; fewer meals in the dining room.
  • 1980s

And here’s another British time-line of cookery in video…

These folks are living sustainably in Tennessee, and are highly personable. Here is a video with Misty for apple wine, with more video links below.

More Video How-tos from Misty Prepper

Harry & Edna present interactive talks and reenactment videos of rationing in the UK during WWII.

Kerosene Lamps

by Rena

All about your oil lamps — Part I of III; memorable videos.

Select the History Cookbook tab on Cookit! for quick educational references. Enjoy food facts and cooking videos from different time periods including:

Mercy Ingram gives helpful hints on open hearth cooking at the 1700s Pomona Hall in Camden, New Jersey.

Another video about hearth cooking:

Mid-Century Modern Frost-Free Refrigerators

More 1950s refrigerator videos:

From the junk yard to the vintage appliances we love so much. See vintage stove dealers.