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BBC program “The Supersizers Eat…” with Giles Coren and Sue Perkins recreate the foodways of different time periods:

  • Ancient Rome
  • Medievaldiets based on the 4 humours; religious fasting with fish; meats swimming in sauce; pepper!
  • Elizabethan
  • Restoration
  • French Revolution
  • Regency
  • Victoriandinner service à la française replaced by a la russe; adulterated foods.
  • Edwardianbig meals; weight gain; practical jokes; vegetarians and suffragettes; Fletcherism.
  • 1920sthe desire to be thin; smaller meals; more drinks.
  • 1940sWWII rationing; Victory gardening; foraging; Common-Hall Feeding Centers or British Restaurants.
  • 1950s
  • 1970s – more calories; more fats; alcohol; more walking, dancing and socializing to work it off; don’t talk about the food; packaged foods; fewer meals in the dining room.
  • 1980s

And here’s another British time-line of cookery in video…

Check out the Researching Food History blog. We linked to this blog before, but it is worth linking to again!

Other discoveries:

Select the History Cookbook tab on Cookit! for quick educational references. Enjoy food facts and cooking videos from different time periods including:

Culinary Historians of Canada, dedicated to researching, interpreting, preserving and celebrating Canada’s culinary heritage, offers an online newsletter, annoucements of events, and a list of historic kitchens in Canada including:


by Rena


1860s New Cooking Gadgets

  • Eggbeater with rack-and-pinion movement
  • Chuck wagon 1866

1860s New Foods

  • Perrier water
  • Canned pork & beans
  • Canned soup
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • White Rock Spring Water
  • Peerless Wafer
  • Cold breakfast food (Granula)
  • Gulden Mustard Fish & Chips (England)
  • Folgers coffee (pre-roasted & ground)
  • McDougall flour (English) in US
  • Peanuts as snack food
  • Text printed on “Conversation” candy
  • Fleischmann’s compressed yeast
  • Eggs Benedict (Delmonico, 1860)

1860s New Food Companies

  • Arm & Hammer
  • Cargill
  • Bassett
  • Schrafft
  • DelMonte
  • Bay Sugar Refining
  • Royal Baking Powder
  • Chase & Sanborn
  • Goodman’s Matzohs
  • Ghiardelli
  • Nestle
  • Tobler
  • Armour meat-packing factory: 1868
  • Chicago Union stockyards: 1865
  • Louis-Dreyfus, grain trader

1860s Food Industry Beginnings

  • Pasteurization – sterilization by heat & pressure: 1864
  • Demonstration of starch produced by photosynthesis
  • Roller mills (stone)
  • Flour mill with middling (bran & outer grain layer) purifier
  • “Patent” flour (double ground)
  • Mechanical refrigerator: 1861
  • Ice machine: 1865
  • Ovaltine testing
  • Salmon cannery: 1864
  • Tin can with key opener
  • Thinner steel for cans
  • Machine-cut cans
  • Calcium chloride added to boiling water, speeding canning time
  • US Pretzel bakery 1861

1860s Farming Progress

  • US Department of Agriculture Homestead Act
  • Marsh reaper
  • Check-row corn planter
  • Massachusetts Agricultural College (UMass)
  • British Food & Drugs Act
  • Union starves South during Civil War
  • Wheat futures
  • Wide-scale cattle theft (rustling)
  • Steam trawlers import fish to England (thus, “fish & chips”)

1860s Timeline


by Rena

Baking animation by Rena Goff


1870s New Foods

  • Saccharin
  • Cubed sugar
  • Synthetic vanilla
  • Rootbeer
  • Wheatena
  • Nestle’s Infant Milk Food
  • Milk chocolate
  • Ice cream soda
  • Commercial production of margarine
  • Japanese beef-eating taboo ends (c. 1870)
  • Chewing Gum from chicle
  • Tone Brothers [spices and coffee]

1870s New Cooking Gadgets

  • Can opener with cutting wheel.
  • Four-tined silver fork, beginning the end of eating with knife.
  • Square bottomed paper-bags.

1870s New Food Companies

  • Lipton
  • Pillsbury & Co.
  • F. & J. Heinz
  • Quaker Mills
  • Hills Brothers
  • Grand Union Tea Co.
  • Confectioner’s Journal

1870s Food Industry Beginnings

  • Milking machines
  • Glass milk bottles
  • Orange crates
  • Pressure cooking in food canning: 1874
  • Frozen meat shipments: 1877
  • Mechanical cream separator
  • Porcelain rollers make roller-milling flour (wheat germ removal) standard practice
  • William Underwood first to register U.S. food trademark (Red Devil)

1870s Farming Progress

  • Bison herds disappearing
  • Large US agricultural exports
  • European farm land shortage
  • Quantity banana imports to US
  • Long-distance cattle driving
  • Barbed wire fences
  • Vast US acreage for farming and cattle ranches

1870s Timelines


by Rena

1880s kitchen

1880s School of Cookery

mason jar.

1880s New Cooking Gadgets

Hand cream-separators
Lenox China
Ball-Mason jars introduced [invented in 1857]

1880s New Foods

  • Malted milk
  • Powdered pea and beet soups
  • Evaporated milk
  • Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour
  • Coca-Cola
  • Moxie
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Thomas’s English muffins
  • Oscar Mayer wieners
  • Salada Tea
  • Tetley Tea
  • Log Cabin Syrup
  • Morton’s salt
  • Canned meat and fruit in stores: 1880

1880s New Food Companies

  • McCormick Spices
  • R. T. French
  • Maxwell House
  • B. H. Kroger
  • ConAgra
  • White Lily Foods
  • Lever Brothers
  • Calumet Baking Powder
  • Diamond Crystal Salt
  • American Cereal
  • Manischewitz
  • Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills
  • L’Ecole de Cordon Bleu

    1880s Food Industry Beginnings

  • Packaging of grain commodities
  • Efficiencies in railroad meat shipments
  • Pea-viner and podder machine
  • Commercial aluminum production
  • Ice-making plants start replacing ice-cutting industry
  • Self-service restaurant
  • Vending machines for gum 1888

    1880s Farming Progress

  • Long cattle-drives end as railroads enter Texas