Cooking Schools

Wow! The American Museum of Baking in Manhattan has samples of Egyptian bread, cake more than 3,800 years old, priceless 200 year old baking books, and much more! The museum is part of The American Institute of Baking on Baker’s Way…near a major road named “Pillsbury!” Like

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The first two full weeks of every June in Abilene Kansas children attend Pioneer Camp where they churn butter, cook and discover the other skills needed to live 100 years ago.
Call Heritage Center of Dickinson County 785-263-2681.

Culinary Quiz

by Rena

Would you like to visit an American diner, an early-American tavern, Victorian kitchens and a 1930s kitchen, and much more, all in one building? The Culinary Arts Museum in Providence Rhode Island is amazing–and has it all!

The museum is part of Johnson & Wales University’s culinary arts program and hosts special events such as the Weekend of Fire featuring baking demonstrations in a wood-fired brick oven, tours of a Swiss Military Mobile bread-baking truck and blacksmithing demos of culinary tools. Check their website for events.

Culinary Arts Museum

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