1920s: A Book of Tried Recipes

by Rena

1920s Tried Recipes and How to use them.

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1920s: A Book of Tried Recipes and How To Use Them, compiled by an experienced domestic science teacher and housekeeper sepecially for The Range Eternal for the home.
Engman-Matthews Range Company, South Bend, Indiana


The Processes of Cooking; Measuring; Breading; Bread; Quick Breads; Meats; Poultry; Vegetables; Eggs; Soups; Cheese; Sauces; Entrees; Salads; Cake; Pastry; Frostings; Desserts; Pudding Sauces; Gelatin Desserts; Frozen Mixtures; Preserving Fruits and Vegetables; Candies; Directions for Setting Up and Operating The Range Eternal.

Sample Text

…Eggs are largely made up of albumen, so require a very low temperature for cooking, and under no condition should exceed 185 F., or the simmering point of water. Best results are attained if they are kept between 150 and 165 F….

If a clear sparkling soup is desired, it must not only be strained, but cleared with the white of an egg….

…The sauce that is generally used, is of a consistency that results from using two tablespoonfuls of flour to a cup of liquid. The flour may be added to the liquid in several ways, but the way from which the best results are obtained are by melting the butter, adding the flour, mixed with the seasonings, then gradually adding the milk cold, stirring all the time until the boiling point is reached. Any liquid may be used as the foundation of the sauce, as milk, cream, water, stock, wither meat or vegetable, or strained tomatoes….

All cakes belong to two classes, sponge cake mixtures or butter cake mixtures. Genuine sponge cake is made light entirely by the air which is beaten into both the yolks and whites of eggs, and the expansion of that air in baking. Because of the large number of eggs used in sponge cakes, they require a slow oven for bakng. Butter cakes are made fine grained by creaming the butter and sugar, and very fine granulated sugar shold be used.

Sample Recipes

Yorkshire Pudding
Mix one cup flour and one-fourth teaspoon salt, adding gradually one cup milk. Add two eggs beaten very light, and beat the mixture two mimutes with a Dover egg beater. Turn into hissing hot iron gem pans and bake in hot oven about twenty minutes, basting after they are well risen with some of the fat from pan in which meat is roasted.

Hamburg Steak
Chop one pound of round or rump steak, add a half teaspoon salt, and a little onion juice if desired. Press the meat closely together into a flat oval cake about three-fourths of an inch thick, have the broiler hot, rub with a bit of fat, and place the meat in the broiler. Cook about eight minutes. Turn once if gas oven is used, turn every ten seconds if broiled over coals. Serve with brown or tomato sauce.

Original Booklet:

A Book of Tried Recipes and How To Use Them. $23.00. The cooking booklet is in good condition with bent cover and pages, spots, and mellowed interior. All pages present. 48-pages.

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