1912 Armour’s Monthly Cook Book

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1912 Armours Monthly Cook Book.

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March, 1912: Armours Monthly Cook Book, Vol 1, No. 5
Edited by Mary Jane McClure
Armour’s Beef Extract


Editorial; the Danger of the Debt; Prize Recipes using Armour’s Extract of Beef, by State; The Kitchen Sink; On Breakfast; the Day’s Work; For March; The Members and the Editor.

Imitation Pate de Poi Gras
Boil one pound of calves’ liver in slightly salted water until tender, drain and put through food chopper, moistening from time to time with melted butter, seasoning well with cayenne pepper, made mustard, one-fourth of a nutmeg grated; add to this one-quarter cup of boiling water in which has been boiled an onion and a clove. Mix well and put in Armour’s Extract of Beef jars, covered with melted butter. This will keep for weeks. Small triangular bits of tongue or the gizzards or liver of fowl may be inserted here and there to imitate truffles found in the genuine strawbong pates. — Mrs. J. W. Stratten, Creston, Iowa.

Economy Head Cheese
Use one pig’s head, also heart, tongue and as much liver as is liked. Boil head, heart and tongue until meat falls from bones. Let cool, skim fat from top, cut meat into pieces, (not too small), also liver previously boiled thirty minutes. Heat liquor, adding salt, pepper, mustard, two cloves, one teaspoonful of Armour’s Beef Extract and one cup of vinegar. Put meat into pan, shape and size to make well-shaped loaf, pour liquor over, set to cool. — Mrs. P. A. Kennicott, Woodbine, Kansas.

Chestnut Stew
Boil one pound chestnuts half an hour, then place in hot oven for five minutes, when the skins will be easily removed. Melt one tablespoonful of butter in a saucepan; fry the chestnuts for a few minutes, stir in one tablespoonful flour, add one pint milk and simmer gently for half an hour. Just before serving add one tablespoonful of chopped parsley, pepper and slat and one-half teaspoonful of Armour’s Extract of Beef. — Mrs. D. McMaster, Rumford, Maine.

Lamb’s Tongue Spanish
Scald half a dozen small tongues in boiling water, and peel one at a time, leaving the rest in the water until you have finished. Thendrain and season with pepper and salt. Put in a frying pan and brown; remove from pan and place in casserole with three sliced tomatoes and a large onion which has been cut into small pieces and browned in the frying pan/ Pour over one cupful of hot water with one-half teaspoonful Armour’s Extract of Beef and bake forty minutes. Cover with bread crumbs, not too fine; dot with butter; return to oven for ten muinutes, then serve. — Mrs. Gertrude Dodge, Kalispell, Montana.

Tongues in Casserole
Six lambs’ tongues, one cup of bread crumbs, one-half can of tomatoes, thyme, pepper and salt to taste, one-half teaspoonful of Armour’s Extract of Beef. Put tongues in good size casserole, cover with bread crumbs. Then into a saucpan put the rest of the ingredients and add about a cup of boiling water; cook on top of stove until extract of beef is dissolved. Pour over tongues, cover casserole tightly. Plac in hot oven til tongues are tender. — Mrs. F. C. Hinni, Jr., East Orange, New Jersey.

Terrapin Eggs
One cupful chopped onions, two ounces butter, two rounding tablespoonfuls flour, one cup boiling water, one-half teaspoonful Armour’s Extract of Beef, one teaspoonful Worcestershire Sauce, one teaspoonful lemon juice, one teaspoonf salt, one cup rich milk or thin cream, four hard boiled eggs, chopped fine.
Fry onion yellow in butter, remove onion, and brown flour in remaining butter. Add slowly the boiling water, stirring constantly until smooth. Put back the onion and add Beef Extract, Worcestershire Sauce, lemon juice and salt. Simmer half an hour, stirring occasionally. Add hard boiled eggs and milk or cream. Boil up one, then serve immediately, with crusty rolls or bread. — Mrs. C. M. Currier, Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire.

Savory Liver Loaf
Pass one pound of cooked liver through the meat chopper; add a saltspoonful of poultry seasoning, one cupful of grated bread crumbs, half a teasponful of salt, a pinch of paprika, a little finely chopped parsley, the yolk of one well beaten egg and half a cupful of hot water in which a scant half teaspoonful of Armour’s Extract has been dissolved; blend thoroughly and form into a loaf, placing in a buttered pan and bake for forty minutes in a moderate oven, basting frequently with melted butter; serve surrounded with potato straws. — Mildred Sugden, New York.

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