1911: Aristos Flour Cook Book

by Rena

Red Turkey Wheat Flour Cook Book.

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1911: Aristos Flour Cook Book, manufactured from Red Turkey Wheat by The Southwestern Milling Co., Inc.


Kitchen Wisdom, Weights and Measures; Wise Words; Bread Process; Biscuits and Muffins; Cake and Cookies; Cake Filling and Frosting; Pastry and Pudding; Pudding Sauces; Index to Recipes.

Sample Text:

Weights and Measures
butter the size of an egg……2 ounces or 1/4 cup
1 egg……3 or 4 tablespoons
4 gills……1 pint
1/2 kitchen cup……1 gill
1 kitchen cup……1/2 pint or 2 gills
4 kitchen cups……1 quart
1 heaping tablespoon sugar……1 ounce
1 lemon gives……1/8 to 1/4 cup

Wise Words
“Pastry flour” is made from soft winter wheat. It is sticky; a handful of it squeezed together keeps the impression of the hand. Spring wheat makes a tougher and more elastic flour which needs more shortening in making cake and pastry.
Aristos is made from Red Turkey hard winter wheat and combines the qualities of the other two….the strength and elasticity needed for making the best bread, and at the same time the qualities necessary for making light biscuits and cake, and tender pastry.

  • Put plenty of butter into cake you wish to keep. Cake eaten immediately does not require as much butter.
  • Dry your crusts in the oven, put through the meat chpper and save as crumbs for stuffing poultry, tomatoes, etc. Melt one ounce of butter to stir into one cup of crumbs when ready to use.
  • Water that rice has been boiled in may be used instead of…flour to thicken soups.
  • Save your red apple parings. You can get a glass of jelly out of the parings from two pies.
  • In making jelly, boil it only five minutes after adding the sugar. Then pour into glasses and let stand in the sun 24 hours. This helps to give the right firmness and clear color.
  • Put a crust of bread in with spinach, beet tops, etc., while boiling; it lessens the odor of cooking and adds delicacy to the greens.
  • Your cake will not scorch if you put a pan of water into the oven.
  • If you want a smooth, tender crust on your bread or rolls put a pan of boiling water into the oven.

In general, to make different kinds of doughs,
Use 1 cup…flour to 1 cup liquid for thin batter (griddle cakes).
Use 2 cups…flour to 1 cup liquid for drop batter (muffins).
Use 3 cups…flour to 1 cup liquid for soft dough (cookies).
Use 4 cups…flour to 1 cup liquid for stiff dough (pie crust).

Original Booklet:

Original 1911 cookbook is available, Aristos Flour Cook Book. $1.00. The cooking booklet is in poor condition, missing title page, and bottom of page 11-12; large chips from cover, stains, edges folded, chipped, and mellowed interior. Numbered 30-pages. Click “Add to Cart.”

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