1910: Original Menus

by Rena

Original Menus, old cooking booklet.

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1910: Original Menus
Curtis Bros.


Sample Text:

The following List of our Products will assist you in preparing any Menu:

  • Blue Lavel Soups in Half-Pint, Pint, and Quart tins…
  • Sweet Pickled Peaches and Pears in glass jars
  • Boned Chicken, Boned Turkey, Boneless Ham, Whole Rolled Ox Tongue, chicken, Turkey, Ham Tongue potted and Devilled
    Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, Yankee (plain) Baked Beans in tins
  • Blue Label Ketchup
  • Vegetables in tins…
  • Table Fruits in tins and glas jars…
  • Pure Fruit Jellies in tumblers…
  • Preserves 13 kinds in glass jars
  • Jams and Marmalades 19 kinds in glass jars and tins
  • Maple Syrup–Pure Sap, in bottles and tins
  • Plum Pudding in tins
  • Brandy Peaches in glass jars
  • Mince Meat in glass jars

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