1893 Liebig Company’s Cook Book

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1893 Liebig Cook Book.

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1893: Liebig Company’s Cook Book, containing new and original recipes written by Miss Maria Parloa; One hundred ways to use Liebig Company’s Extract of Beef, A Guide for American Housewives.
Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company, Limited, London.


Contents and Sample Recipes
Soups, Fish, Meats, Meat and Fish Sauces, Vegetables, Miscellaneous.

Curry of Lobster
One and one-half pints of lobster.
One pint of water.
Three tablespoonfuls of butter.
Two tablespoonfuls of flour.
One level tablespoonful of salt.
One teaspoonful of Liebig Company’s Extract.
One-eighth teaspoonful of cayenne.
Once tablespoonful of curry-powder.
One teaspoonful of onion sauce.
Cut the lobster into small pieces, and season with half the salt. Put the butter in a frying-pan, and set on the fire. When hot, add the flour and curry powder. Stir until smooth and frothy; then gradually add the water, stirring all the time. When this boils, add the pepper and lemon juice, besides the remainder of the salt. Cook for five minutes, and strain into a saucepan. Now add the lobster, and cook for six minutes longer. Serve with a dish of boiled rice, or on some slices of crisp toast.

Shepherd’s Pie
One quart of cold cooked meat.
One pint of water.
One-half pint of hot milk.
Six potatoes of good size.
One tablesppnful of minced onion.
three tablespoonfuls of butter.
Two level tablespoonfuls of flour.
Two and one-half teasoonfuls salt.
One-half teaspoonful of pepper.
One-half teaspoonful of Liebig Company’s Extract.
Put two tablespoonfuls of butter in a frying-pan, and set on the fire. When hot, add the flour, stirring until smooth and brown. Gradually pour the water upon this mixture, stirring all the time. When the gravy boils, add one-third of the pepper, half a teaspoonful of the salt, and the extract of meat. Have the cold meat cut in slices or small cubes, and seasoned with one teaspoonful of salt and one-third of a teaspoonful of pepper. Put this in a baking dish that will hold about two quarts. Pour the gravy over the meat, and then add the minced onion. Have the potatoes pared, and put them in a stewpan of good size. Cover with boiling water, and place on the fire. Cook for just thirty minutes; then pour off the water, and mash the potatoes light and fine. Beat into them the milk, one tablespoonful of butter, one teasponful of salt, and one-third of a teaspoonful of pepper. Spread the potatoes on the prepared meat, and bake in a moderately hot oven for forty-five minutes. Serve at once.

In making sauces…

…when the butter and flour are cooked together, if the sauce is to be white, cook only until the mixture is smooth and frothy. If, however, the sauce is to be brown, stir until the butter and flour turn dark brown.

Before adding the liquid, the pan should be drawn back to a cooler place, to reduce the temperature of the flour and butter. The liquid should be cool when added. If these precautions be heeded the sauce will always be smooth.

If vegetables be used to flavor the sauce they should be fried slowly in the butter, being careful not to scorch them….

Original Booklet:

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