1880s Cranberry sauce recipe for Thanksgiving 2010

by Rena

Old-fashion cranberry sauce recipe handwritten in the 1880s.

Cranberry Jelly
1/2 as much sugar as cranberries
1/2 as much water as sugar
Cook cranberries fast till they
stop popping — Rub through sieve —
Add sugar — Just let boil up &
pour in molds.

Refrigerate or freeze the cranberry sauce in mold. An old fashion method of releasing the cranberry sauce is to dip the metal mold into hot water before release, if necessary.

cranberry sauce.

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The Bride’s 1880s Handwritten Cook Book

An ebook of Ella’s other recipes in her own handwriting when she was a newly married in Fairfield Iowa in 1881 is available here alongside a transcription for easy reading.
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