1810 Westward Travel Journal

by Rena

A journey to Ohio in 1810: as recorded in the journal of Margaret Van Horn

East of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“At last we stopt at Mansfield at an Inn kept by Philip fits ( a little f). We found it kept by 2 young women, whom I thought amazoons— for they swore & flew about “like witches” they talk & laugh’d about their sparks &c &c till it made us laugh so as almost to affront them– There was a young woman visiting them who reminded me of Lady Ki Spanker–for spring from the ground to her horse with as much agility as that Lady could have done– They all took their pipes before tea…Their manners soften’d down after a while & the appear to be obliging & good natur’d…”

West of Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania:

“…about 60 rods near the top [of the mountain] was excessively steep– We found a house at the foot of the steepest part–A woman & her 2 sons live there & keep cakes & beer…”

“Saturday morn…We have nothing to eat & can get nothing but some slapjacks at a baker’s some distance off, & so stormy we cannot get there…”

I have learn’d…to eat raw pork & drink whisky…

“I have such an enormous appetite the whole time, that I have been in some fear of starving…”

Between Laurel Hill and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“The landlord & his wife…gave us a great many apples & some cherry bounce…”

[Bold text is not in original]

Map shows modern approximation (google directions via walking) of 1810 journey:

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–A journey to Ohio in 1810: as recorded in the journal of Margaret Van Horn, by Margaret Van Horn Dwight, pp. 14-15, 34, 39.

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